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 Online Counseling: Disclosure (Step 1 of 9)


Applicant recognizes the need for counseling to solve specific housing and other related problems and pledges to fully cooperate with Reinvestment Partners' Housing Counselor. Applicant pledges specifically to provide honest and complete information; provide all necessary documents within requested or specified time frame(s); and promptly notify Reinvestment Partners (RP) of all changes in the status of the loan, contact info, etc. Regarding appointments, RP's housing counselors see clients *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY* and reserves the right to cease services after a client misses or reschedules two appointments without 24 hours notices.

Applicant authorizes the Counselor to act on his/her behalf to improve his/her housing situation and to obtain necessary services. Applicant authorizes the Counselor to obtain additional information from outside sources when necessary, including a credit report from one or all three credit reporting agencies. Applicant recognizes the need to exchange and/or pass on information, which will be used to assist Applicant in obtaining his/her housing needs.

Applicant authorizes Reinvestment Partners to share his/her information as required by our funders, and specifically to: (a) submit client-level information to data collection systems for our grants and (b) allow funders to open files to be reviewed for program monitoring and compliance purposes.

The Counselor pledges to preserve strict confidentiality concerning the applicant, and will neither give nor seek information except where others have a right to it. The Counselor will neither make decisions nor take action without the knowledge and consent of Applicant, and will at all times protect and promote the best interest of Applicant.

Reinvestment Partners offers all of our services for FREE, at no charge to the client, excepting our homebuyer classes: $99 for online and $50 for local. Clients demonstrating an inability to pay may have the fee waived for local classes. From time to time Reinvestment Partners makes our clients aware of products and/or services that we believe offer good value to our clients. These products and/or services might be available directly from Reinvestment Partners, from lenders, developers, or other agencies with which Reinvestment Partners has a working relationship. You are under no obligation to use the products and/or services identified by Reinvestment Partners, whether from us or from industry partners. Please understand that you are free to choose any lender, lending/financing product, or home from any entity regardless of the recommendations made by the Reinvestment Partners representative and still participate in our counseling program. It is your right and responsibility to decide whether to engage in any course of counseling with Reinvestment Partners and to determine whether the counseling is suitable for you. The individual action plan and direction of our counseling sessions will be based on the housing counseling action plan that we will develop together. The means to accomplish the outcomes and goals of your plan will evolve mutually between us and should be reviewed regularly during our counseling sessions. Additionally, you are under no obligation to obtain a mortgage or purchase a home and have the option to terminate the counseling program at any time for any reason.

Services provided by Reinvestment Partners include:

Counseling: Financial Management/Budget; Home Improvement & Rehabilitation; Mortgage Delinquency & Default Resolution; Pre-Purchase; and Rental Housing

Workshops: Fair Housing Pre-Purchase Education; Financial, Budget, and Credit; Non-Delinquency Post Purchase; Predatory Lending Education; Pre-Purchase Home Buyer Education ($50 local, $99 online); Resolving / Preventing Mortgage Delinquency; and Rental Housing

I certify that I have read and understand the above statement(s). Any questions I had were previously discussed with the counselor and answered to my satisfaction.

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